Shop Kate Hudson’s Favorite 1stDibs Finds Now

The actor curated a list of her top auction picks available on the marketplace—“I really love upcycling,” she says
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Kate Hudson’s selections will be available for auction from May 18 to June 1. Photo: Alessandra Benedetti - Corbis/Corbis via Getty Images

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It’s no surprise that curating a thoughtful space is important to Kate Hudson. The Fabletics founder has lived in her childhood home for nearly 20 years—her parents (her mom is Goldie Hawn) bought it in 1979, the year she was born, and sold it when she was 12. Hudson purchased it back in 2003, making the home a part of all three of her children’s lives. With such a rich history in a residence (and an expansion to the neighboring house which she purchased in 2011, per Business Insider), it’s easy to see why the How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days star takes pleasure in honoring the space with some well-chosen decorations.

Like many decor lovers before her, this affinity for interiors has driven Hudson to a love of online marketplace 1stDibs, and particularly their auctions. As such, she collaborated with the company to offer a curated selection of items for auction from May 18 to June 1. Deliciously on view in the video she and 1stDibs made for Mother’s Day, and throughout her Instagram, Hudson’s decor style is a jubilant take on traditional decor with plenty of wallpaper, vintage rugs, and no shortage of color.

“I really love upcycling, which makes shopping on 1stDibs’s auctions so much better for the environment,” Hudson told AD. “There’s beautiful, vintage clothing, antique furniture—whatever you’re looking for, there are always the most interesting and unique items to be had.” The collection of items she chose for the auction include accessories, artwork, and furniture, all of which are clear expressions of her playful style. She recommends LAGU’s Minio swivel armchair in a salmon-like shade that’s similar to her tufted couch, a floral-dominated painting by Armando Campero, and a Leeor Wild print that seems to celebrate the joy of summertime, among other unique items.

Hudson’s love for decorating isn’t a recent obsession, but something she’s long been passionate about. Looking at her style now, it feels like a natural extension of the slightly less colorful but still personality-infused, vintage-filled look of her home when W Magazine toured it, in 2005. “If you’re an aesthetic person, it’s something you carry with you,” Hudson told AD at a Michael Kors runway show, back in 2015. “It just becomes your style. I like experimenting with interior design. If I could do anything other than act, that is what I’d want to do.”

Minio Swivel Armchair

“After Diego Rivera” by Armando Campero

“Blind Blush” by Nicholas Evans

Leeor Wild Photo