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A Total Bedroom Makeover in Just One Hour

Interior designer Joy Moyler dreams up a cozy revamp in the latest episode of Room Refresh
Simple addons like blackout curtains and a plush rug help snag a good night's sleep.
Simple add-ons, like blackout curtains and a plush rug, help snag a good night's sleep. Illustration: Julia Abbonizio/Getty Images

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Who doesn’t dream of a good night’s sleep? Yes, you can get quality shut-eye with a one-hour bedroom makeover. The latest episode of Room Refresh, live now on AD’s YouTube channel, taps interior designer Joy Moyler to transform a once uncongenial bedroom into a slumber oasis for apartment dweller Simone and her partner. Tired of sleepless nights, Simone complained about disrupting noise and light issues that robbed her of rest. Moyler intervened to redesign a space that’s as aesthetically appealing as it is calming.

Moyer’s top bedroom makeover tip was to replace translucent widow treatments with blackout curtains. These stop the light from filtering in and, because they’re heavy, also reduce outside sound. To further mute the room, Moyler put down a sisal rug that helps absorb sound, instead of having it echo in a bare chamber.

Clutter (and stress) are gone with a bedside table.

Photo: Catherine Falls Commercial

To give the bedroom cohesion and utility, the designer added nightstands to keep clutter at bay, a key factor in a tranquil setting. Bedside lighting, especially a lamp with a three-way switch to modify ambiance, was another upgrade.

Placing a rubber plant gave the decor an organic touch. Bonus: Foliage is said to improve air quality, which can positively impact sleep. A calming lavender candle, paired with silky sheets in a soothing color palette (patterns and bold hues can be distracting) and perhaps a weighted blanket further prep the senses for snoozing. 

Relaxing aromatherapy scents, like lavender, will put you to bed. 

Photo: Anastasiia Krivenok

The right pillow matters too. Pick yours based on what position you sleep in. Stomach sleepers should opt for a flat pillow, while a medium-density one is ideal for back sleepers. Moyler says that side sleepers do best with a high-density pillow to support the neck.

A seating area in your bedroom isn’t a prerequisite for a good night’s sleep, but the mini lounge serves as a relaxation hub. Create a tête-a-tête spot anchored by an earthy rug, a swivel chair, and an airy side table. Voilà, your slumber suite is complete. 

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