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Sarah Archer

Need to Know

Can Cat-Friendly Design Be Chic?

Take lessons from the human—and feline—friendly renovation of the lobby of Manhattan's storied Algonquin Hotel

Across New York City, Private Garden Landscapes Are the Latest Designer Draw

Meticulously manicured green spaces are major selling points at three new projects
Need to Know

How to Create a Productive Learning Area for Your Clients’ Kids

Educational design experts share their tips

How Black Became the Kitchen’s It Color

Contemporary kitchen designers are forgoing the all-white and stainless-steel schemes of yore
Need to Know

In These “Smart” Playrooms, Form Follows Fun 

Schools and parks may be off-limits for kids across the U.S., but an interior designer and a former teacher are offering solutions for engaged, open-ended play. Tablets not included.

The Visionary Interiors That Shaped the Way We Live

A new show at the Vitra Design Museum on view next month highlights 20 game-changing interiors—from Elsie de Wolfe’s Villa Trianon to Andy Warhol’s Factory. AD PRO chats with the curator
Business Analysis

Here's How Color of the Year Mania Came to Be

The design business may be awash with so-called COTYs, but paint companies still see them as a valuable opportunity to take the industry's pulse

Making the Christmas Tree Modern

Matt Bliss rediscovered his grandfather's playful designs from the '60s, and decided to share them with the world

Behind the Design of Disneyland

A bountiful new visual history lays out the story behind the building of the Magic Kingdom
The Report

Philadelphia Spotlights Design That Solves Problems and Builds Community

The 14th annual DesignPhiladelphia festival took over the City of Brotherly Love for 11 event-packed days

Glenn Adamson Thinks You Need Less Stuff

In his new book, curator and scholar Glenn Adamson makes the case for buying fewer but better things—the future of our planet just might depend on it
the report

How Furniture Shapes What We Teach Children

A new book explores how well-designed objects influence children's behavior
the report

Artful Furniture Takes the Stage in Philadelphia

At the 24th annual Philadelphia Furniture Fair, young makers present designs that are both forward-looking and steeped in tradition